Turnabout Vancouver – Say “Chanello” to the Holidays



Chanel simply never goes out of style, and we at Turnabout know that best – everybody loves our Chanel, so we keep it upfront to greet our guests with a very warm welcome – Chanello!


With the holidays just around the corner, we’ve seen plenty of ladies who are finally taking that leap and treating themselves to a vintage piece of Chanel or two.


If that sounds like it might be you, read on. Though there’s plenty more in our stores, we’ve made our picks on our favourite Chanel items, which also happen to make a fabulous outfit for the holidays: a silk and tweed dress paired with vintage black velvet pumps and a classic pastel pink crossbody bag. 


1) Silk and Tweed Chanel Dress, Size 36


chanel-tweed-dress-turnabout-vancouverchanel-turnabout-vancouver  chanel-dress-vancouver-turnabout


Iconic Chanel never goes without the legendary tweed fabric. Discovered by Chanel herself during a trip to Scotland, and inspired by menswear, tweed has been an integral part of the Chanel look since its first use back in 1924.


This modern Chanel dress pairs an iconic, durable tweed skirt with a delicate, modern silk top for a simplistic yet fashion-forward look. Simply perfect for the holidays!


Where? Our Granville location at 3109 Granville Street
What? Chanel silk and tweed dress
Size? Women’s 36 (or 6)
Price? $995.99


2) Vintage Chanel Black Velvet Pumps, Size 8


chanel-vintage-shoes-turnabout-vancouverblack-velvet-chain-chanel-shoes-vancouver-turnabout  _MG_2092


Black velvet shoes, the perfect addition to your holiday ensemble? We think yes, especially these vintage Chanel pumps. Reminiscent of the chain that lines the inner hem of each Chanel blazer, providing balance and shape, these vintage Chanel pumps transform the utility of the chain into their purely indulgent design, adorning the back of your heel and ankle as you slip them on.


Where? Our Granville location at 3109 Granville Street
What? Vintage Chanel black velvet pumps
Size? Women’s 38 (or 8)
Price? $389.99


3) Pastel Pink Chanel Crossbody Bag


Chanel-bag-turnabout-vancouver_MG_2104  _MG_2096


Offering yet another use of the iconic chain – whether inspired by the horse’s bridles or the nun’s belts that presided over Chanel’s early years, we can’t say for sure – this pastel pink Chanel crossbody bag is a versatile piece of heaven. 


This quilted lambskin Chanel bag can be slung with ease and class over one shoulder, and is a modern take on the first Chanel bag created in 1929. From Chanel’s perspective, the strap offers a needed utility to the beautiful design: “I got fed up with holding my purses in my hands and losing them, so I added a strap and carried them over my shoulder.”


Where? Our Granville location at 3109 Granville Street
What? Pastel Pink Chanel Crossbody Bag
Size? Bags always fit
Price? $1,895.99


We can’t promise these incredible Chanel pieces will be around very long, so if you happen to be drooling over these items (or the entire ensemble) we urge you to come to our Granville location at your earliest – or call us to reserve.


Come in and say hello, or better yet, Chanello.



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