Treats of Travel: Indulging in International Food

Food is a friendly delight that will keep you company, even while traveling solo through Europe. Food, as it turns out, is one of the many treats of travel.

One of my favourite things about living abroad for six months was the vast variety of foods and delicious treats I got to sink my teeth into, which curbed the loneliness each and every time – especially when the particular treat involved creamy delights atop a crispy cone.

Though London surely isn’t known for its culinary offerings, I found that as soon as I left the UK, whether on weekend getaways or for good, I was immersed in all the international treats I had been craving all along!

Food. It might seem like a rather inconsequential aspect to travel, but this assumption couldn’t be farther from the truth, especially when it comes to long-term travel abroad.

For those visiting London in the coming months, I sadly don’t have much in the way of advice; I did have one spot though, which I’d frequent quite often. For lovers of Thai food, and for those looking for something tasty and affordable, be sure to check out Busaba Eathai.

There are many locations conveniently found around the city; if you end up enduring one of London’s harsh rainy days, be sure to order the lemongrass or ginger tea for a pick-me-up. (I kid you not, this is the best tea I’ve tasted in my life, which I haven’t stopped craving since my departure!).

If you’re just looking for an incredible view and an affordable bottle of wine, considering stopping by the Radio Rooftop Bar at ME Hotel – you’ll get the best view of London in the poshest surroundings, guaranteed. And then of course you have the many coffee shops around London – for a quick and decent bite to eat, there’s always a Pret a Manger.

My first new experience in the culinary sector while traveling Europe – outside of London –  was while visiting family in Zurich, Switzerland. Aside from what I expected (the incredibly delicious chocolate), I also discovered a common Swiss cheese (and dish) called Raclette. Second only to cheese fondue, this melted cheese warmed my heart – yum!

Then of course there was Sprungli – oh Sprungli! – how you warm my heart to the highest of degrees. Take a little scroll down further for a more intimate encounter with dear Sprungli.

Before I knew it, I was off to Italy. I’m not sure about everyone else on the planet, but to me eating pasta and pizza and gelato in Italy always seemed to be the most exciting of experiences, and were each goals scrawled on my bucket list long ago.

As I made my way through other parts of Europe a little farther east, including Budapest, Prague, and Bratislava, I found that I simply had no time to be counting calories. I allowed myself to indulge in the different foods without guilt – as I recommend every traveler do – and figured that all my walking would make up for the difference.

So I went a little crazy… and now that I’m back home, and without the excuse of travel to fuel my gluttonous ventures, I’ve gone back in time and compiled my most mouth-watering travel moments. Scroll down to experience it again with me, most especially if you agree with this quote:

“Life is uncertain. Eat dessert first.” ~Ernestine Ulmer



There was a point during my three month stay in Budapest where I was eating gelato or ice cream nearly every day, and upon admitting this, I am not in the least bit ashamed. The creamy delight kept me feeling warm and happy. Especially this rose shaped gelato from Gelarto Rosa.  The fact that this shop was located at my favourite square in the city – St. Stephen’s Square.


Of course there was no missing of the famous Bratwurst in Zurich, Switzerland. Simply delicious, an affordable treat, and something you can easily grab from any of the street vendors by Lake Zurich. Make sure you order your ‘Bratwurst mit Burli’ during your visit!


“Gelato a Milano” was one of the first Italian phrases I learned during my first visit to Milan. Pistachio Gelato in Milan before the cathedral – a splendid delight!


I had tasted ‘authentic’ Italian pizza at a restaurant in Vancouver – which actually flew in authentic Italian ingredients – many times before, but there was nothing to prepare me for the deliciousness I rediscovered in pizza in Florence, Italy. I devoured the entire thing in under 3 minutes.


My mom urged me not to miss the champagne truffles at Sprungli in Zurich, Switzerland. When I discovered mountains of different colors of macarons next to the truffles, I went a little crazy; needless to say, the champagne macaron quickly became my favourite. Sprungli… a taste of heaven.


You’ll never say ‘holy crepe’ like you will when you try the specialty in it’s very own place of origin. Crepes in Paris were just the icing on the most beautiful and delicious cake I’ve ever tasted. Sugar and butter was my favourite kind… Yummmmm.


And then, just when I though I had found the most delicious macaron on the planet, the unthinkable happened: I visited Pierre Hermé in Paris. These babies, aside from my flower shaped gelato in Budapest, take the cake when it comes to the treats of travel (but I wouldn’t miss the Parisian crepes for the world, either).


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