Rose colored glasses by Le Chateau

Through Rose Colored Glasses

I’ve got myself a pair of rose colored glasses.

Yes, I mean this literally, but of course I’d be ridiculous to not fully leverage this new pair of sunnies with the figurative meaning as well.

Rose colored glasses from Le Chateau

For those of you who’ve been following my journey and reading my uncensored, often unedited thoughts and random ramblings here, you know I’m quite the dreamer. It’s not that I can’t be a negative B–, it’s just that, I don’t know, I guess I prefer to allow a little magical mystery in life, wherever it may take me.

I like to practice the wistful habit of thinking anything can happen each day when I leave my apartment, whether I’m physically wearing these rose colored glasses or not, and sometimes this mantra proves itself to be true. You can meet someone or stumble upon something incredible, and unless you’ve primed your subconscious to pick up on these subtle yet sometimes life-changing encounters, you might completely miss them.

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Did you know that the brain is actually designed to be more negative than positive? It’s true. That’s because our mammal brain, which was a genius at keeping us alive, evolved to constantly scan our environment for possible threats. Though our modern brain, our cortex, often interprets the cortisol fired by our mammal brain as cynical or negative thoughts, we can’t possibly understand why we’re feeling so negative. On the contrary, we find familiarity in negative or cynical thoughts because they give us a sense of certainty when we’re right. It’s like telling yourself, ah, I knew he was a cheating bastard anyways, and then missing out on the decent guys because it’s safer to assume the worst.

It’s innate in all of us. We’re geniuses at avoiding disappointment; unfortunately this usually just leads to self-sabotage, missed opportunities, and shackling, negative thoughts.


In modern times, there’s no need to be on the constant lookout for survival threats, unless perhaps we accidentally find ourselves in the slums of Brooklyn or a little too far East on Hastings Street. But unfortunately we can’t just dump our mammal brain that got us safely into modern times. We just have to learn how to work with it, and specifically how to unleash ourselves from the negative, cynical shackles it places on us. It does, after all, have the power to shape our lives.

Drinking starbucks and wearing rose colored glasses

So, I suggest we opt for rose-colored glasses and instead assume the very best at the risk of disappointment.

Because, if there’s anything I’ve learned in my life, it’s that it’s so, so much more fulfilling to try with complete commitment and optimism, to open yourself up to the possibilities of your life and your future, than to simply sit back with negative thoughts, albeit the reward of being right about that.

I mean, if there were anything to ever be wrong about, it would be about ideals, possibilities, and dreams, right?

What’s so great about being right about something so negative anyway? 

Rose-colored glasses it is.

What I’m wearing:

Rose-colored glasses: Le Chateau
Vest: Le Chateau
Jeans: Ever New
Top: Frank & Oak
Shoes: Emu Australia
Bracelet: Monica Vinader

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