A Thank You Note To The Universe

Dear Universe,

I just wanted to reach out and say I love you, and thank you. You’ve been so good to me lately, I just can’t fathom how I ever had doubt in you. You’ve brought such incredible places, people, and experiences into my life… I just can’t help but wonder – how did I ever get so lucky?

More interestingly: how did I ever get so happy?

You know, it wasn’t that long ago that it seemed I had lost total faith in you. But my mornings now are nothing like my mornings were then. I wake with excitement and vigor for my life. I have energy in the mornings, and can’t wait to accomplish something new each and every day.

All of these blessings have only confirmed a little – or rather, a huge – concept that was introduced to me roughly three years ago. Change the way you see things in your life, and the things in your life will change.

I realize now more than ever that life is truly what you make it. At the end of the day, we get to decide what kind of perception we want to have on our lives. We get to choose what’s negative and what’s positive. Sometimes, I suppose, it just takes us climbing up that mountain and reaching that new vantage point to be able to truly accept that this is the truth. To be able to gain the vision and experience to see our lives from the ultimate perspective of gratefulness, which maybe in the end, is the true key to happiness.

I have so many things to be grateful for. But the thing I’m most grateful for is my vision, which ultimately allows me the ability to be grateful in the first place.

Thank you for showing me, and teaching me.

Now, when I pull out my fortune that I got from an automated Zoltar machine at the encouragement of a friend, I realize something incredible. Amidst my developed habit of carrying my Zoltar with me everywhere, and pulling it out to reread it each time I feel bad or unsure about my life – hoping and wishing that its words will come true – I suddenly realize, I’ve been wrong all along.

They already are true.

Thank you. Thank you, Universe, thank you, Zoltar.