Thailand Part 2: Phuket and Phi Phi Island

After our wonderful stay in Bangkok, we flew down to Phuket (a quick 1 hour or so flight) to get some beach time in. With all of the heat and humidity, it was so nice to have an ocean nearby! Be sure to watch our video from Phuket and Phi Phi Island, and subscribe to my Youtube Channel here. PS. We flew and booked with

Phuket Tips

I have to be honest with you, Phuket wasn’t my favourite experience in Thailand. I found it to be overcrowded with Tourists, and I immediately noticed that the authentic Thai culture (including mannerisms, politeness, and even food) was lacking here.  There are, however, a couple of wonderful experiences we had in our few days here that I would HIGHLY recommend, including:

  • Elephant Jungle Sanctuary Phuket: This ethical sanctuary houses and cares for elephants the right way, including a few that had previously been abused for the entertainment industry in Thailand. Here, we had the opportunity to visit with, feed, and even bathe the elephants, which ranged from babies to grandmother elephants! We learned why elephants must NOT be ridden – their spines simply aren’t built to support weight coming from above. It’s sad how many elephants are mistreated in Thailand, so be sure to visit the right sanctuary, like Elephant Jungle Sanctuary.
  • Big Buddha Phuket: We almost didn’t have this experience because we were running late after a nap to recover from our sunburn; but I’m so glad we did! The Big Buddha is about a 40 minute drive outside of Patong Beach, but a tuk tuk or open taxi will make the trip quite fun. Up in the mountains overlooking all of Phuket with a wonderful 360 degree view, the Big Buddha is a haven outside of the chaos of Patong, and immediately you’ll feel so relaxed here. The giant Buddha statue is a site to behold, and might even bring out a little spirituality in you. Next to the Buddha, a larger surprise awaited: monkeys! There’s a monkey sanctuary here and the monkeys are very familiar with humans. Be careful as they may try to snatch your stuff, but otherwise, enjoy!

elephant jungle sanctuary phuket

big buddha phuket

I wish I could give you more tips on Phi Phi Island, but we only stopped over for half a day on our way to Railay. I can vouch for how incredibly beautiful it is, though, and it’s much more calm than the tourist-filled Patong Beach!

Enjoy your visit to Thailand!

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