Street Art From Around the World

Going back into the archives tends to speak volumes for your interests, even if you’re not totally aware of them otherwise. Well, apparently one of my greatest interests is graffiti – or street art in its many forms – since I was easily able to uncover dozens of photos from my travels.

I’ve compiled some of my favourite photos of street art from around the world – enjoy!

Zurich, Switzerland


Rome, Italy

Rome_Italy_Graffiti Rome_Italy_Graffiti2


Thessaloniki/Halkidiki, Greece

halkidiki_greece_graffiti IMG_6384 thessaloniki_greece_graffiti

Prague, Czech Republic

Prague_Czech_Republic Prague_Czech_Republic_1 Prague_Czech_Republic2

Saint-Tropez, France


Paris, France


Raleigh, North Carolina


Budapest, Hungary

Budapest_Hungary_Graffiti_ Budapest_Hungary_Graffiti_1 Budapest_Hungary_Graffiti_2 Budapest_Hungary_Graffiti_3_MG_9094Budapest_Hungary_Graffiti_girl _MG_9056IMG_7916_MG_9063

Vancouver, Canada

Vancouver_BC_Graffiti Vancouver_BC_Graffiti1IMG_6575


Bratislava, Slovakia (Graffiti Heaven)

Bratislava_Slovakia_Graffiti8 Bratislava_Slovakia_Graffiti8 Bratislava_Slovakia_Graffiti7 Bratislava_Slovakia_Graffiti7 Bratislava_Slovakia_Graffiti6 Bratislava_Slovakia_Graffiti5 Bratislava_Slovakia_Graffiti4 Bratislava_Slovakia_Graffiti4 Bratislava_Slovakia_Graffiti3 Bratislava_Slovakia_Graffiti2 Bratislava_Slovakia_Graffiti Bratislava_Slovakia_ArtIMG_1831


Florence, Italy


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