100% Emu Oil Lip Balm

Soft Lips, Soft Skin

You always hear guys saying it: she had such soft lips, soft skin.

As a woman, though, it seems like a given that our skin, hair, nails, lips, and just about everything else about ourselves be described as soft. Except for perhaps our rocking hard abs.

I digress. I’m a huge proponent to the soft lips and soft skin thing. If you know me, you know how much I’m obsessed with forever keeping my lips happily moistened (I apply chapstick about a 4 dozen times a day, no joke) and I moisturize my all-over incessantly.

Why? What urges me to pay such attention to my outer shell, my skin? Because I’ve seen what happens when people don’t. 

And in a lifelong effort to remain as glowing and as youthful as possible – forever – I’ve also been on a lifelong hunt for products that will bring me the greatest benefits. The latest? You’d never guess it: Emu oil!

100% Emu Oil Products for soft lips and skin 100% Emu Oil Products for soft lips and skin

What’s emu oil? Emu oil is oil derived from the tissue harvested from certain subspecies of emu.

Let’s take a little peek at some of the benefits of emu oil products like my favorites by Ému Dundee Cosmétique:

An all-natural way to moisturize

100% Emu Oil Products for soft lips and skin

The best way to moisturize incessantly? In an all-natural way, of course. Avoid toxins and harmful chemicals that come in your regular drugstore moisturizers. Plus, these emu oil moisturizers work extremely well! I particularly love the Refreshing Milk for a light facial moisturizer.

Fight the signs of aging skin


Let’s not look older than we are, k? Emu Oil has been proven to drastically improve the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, and has even been referred to as the “skin superhero.”

Combats stretch marks and scars

100% Emu Oil Products for soft lips and skin

If you’re a mom, or if you’re pregnant, emu oil products like this 100% pure emu oil is really fantastic for battling existing or potential stretch marks. If you’ve got scars, consider using the same product, too!

Fixes your split ends and adds a shine to your hair


I recently came across a photo of myself 5 years ago and instantly got sad about the current state that my hair is in. I used to have such beautiful, healthy, long locks! But since I’ve gone lighter, my slip ends are through the roof! Luckily, this emu oil should do the trick – and add some youthful shine, too.

Helps with sore muscles and joints

Emu oil products

Dr. Oz recommends emu oil products to battle muscle aches and joint pain. I typically don’t have a problem here, except for when I sleep wrong and I wake up feeling like I’m 85. I’ve set aside this soothing balm in my nightstand for those particularly sore days.

There you have it: a brand new way to beautify, and look and feel younger, all while living up to that soft lips, soft skin ideal you love to love so much.


What I’m using:

All products c/o Ému Dundee Cosmétique

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