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Jordan Hurdal, Real Estate Agent


Experiences in life often help shape who we become as people. The importance is often not in the experience itself, but the lessons we learn from them. And often people give just that advice: take only positive lessons from unfortunate events. This is just what Jordan did, many years ago, when he got the opportunity to observe a Real Estate Agent, from a client’s perspective, during a personal Real Estate transaction. He saw many faults, and although he was disappointed with the agent’s performance, he gained much more from the experience than he first realized. Upon reflecting on the important qualities necessary to fulfill the role more effectively, he realized his personal attributes would promote a successful career in the field: Jordan’s Real Estate career began.


Over the past decade, Jordan has strived for excellence in all aspects of his business, and continues to ensure that his clients have a positive experience with plenty of advice, consistent availability, and unrelenting enthusiasm. Jordan’s in-depth knowledge of current and future real estate developments provides him with a key advantage and distinction from other agents. In utilizing his innovative marketing skills, and producing specific marketing programs for each individual property, Jordan is sure to provide his clients with a creative edge. And in doing so, Jordan remains consistently enthusiastic and energetic with immeasurable amounts of motivation.


These attributes also promote Jordan’s hobbies outside the office; as an avid athlete, Jordan is consistently partaking in activities many would find strenuous. Be it cycling, running, triathlon, snowshoeing, the Grouse Grind, or anything fitness, Jordan is in – and his enthusiasm is outstanding! This undying drive and passion for fitness continues to promote a healthy lifestyle for Jordan, and benefits him in his professional life on a daily basis. Instead of giving up, and moving on to the next challenge, Jordan persists and thrives to make each and every client happy; instead of completing a task to its requirements, Jordan goes above and beyond typical expectations. And in doing so, Jordan sets a standard higher than the norm, and encourages others to reach their full potential – both in, and outside the office.

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