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Rose Connection: Tips for Displaying, Keeping, and Buying Your Roses

I’ve got the most incredible rose connection to share with you guys, which I was super excited to stumble upon the other day, and cuts the insane price of roses in half. But before we get there, I want to talk about all things roses – how to display them in your home, how to keep them around longer, and why they are so important for your home decor. And yes, I’m positioning myself a self-proclaimed expert on the subject. My middle name is Rose, after all.

Pink roses on Structube Eiffel Dining TableStructube Dining Table and ChairsStructube Dining Table and Chairs Eiffel

Tips for Displaying your Roses

Once you’ve got your fresh dozen (or two dozen in my case) roses safely stowed in a fresh, clean vase – advice for doing so properly below – you’ve got to decide where in your home they are going to be displayed. While your hallway table might welcome your guests with the right sense of warmth and vibrance, I’ve always been a fan of displaying my bouquet right in the centre of my dining table.

This is what we opted for, placing our bouquet on our beautiful new dining table set, the Eiffel Dining Table and matching chairs from Structube. I absolutely love this table for several reasons: it’s the perfect size to fit up to six for a dinner party, which we did the other night, it’s a beautiful, pristine white, making for the perfect vibrant pop with your roses, keeping your home looking minimal, or even acting as a backdrop for your professional flat-lay photos. Yep, tried and true! The matching chairs are super comfortable too, and when you take a look at the leg details, you begin to realize where it’s name, “Eiffel,” comes from. This 47″ Eiffel Dining Table is available at for just $249, and the matching Eiffel Dining Chairs as well for just $49 each.

La vie en rose pyjamas for Valentine's DayHow to keep your roses alive longer

How to Keep Your Roses Alive Longer

  • Before placing them in water, trim the rose stems at a 45 degree angle. This is a trick I learned from my grandfather – who nurtured countless rose bushes in his time – which helps to keep them fresher longer by allowing them to take in more water.
  • Remove leaves from the stem up until the point of the surface of the water. In other words, the part of the stem that will be submerged in water should be free of leaves.
  • Continue to trim the stems every 2 to 3 days to keep them fresh.
  • Use fresh, cool water in your clean vase and all the commercial packet of flower food that comes with the bouquet; otherwise, put a tablet of aspirin in the water to keep bacteria levels low.

la vie en rose pyjamasBouquet of roses on white dining table from Structube

The Rose Connection

If you live in Vancouver, skip the grocery store and even consider skipping the markets; unless you’re willing to make the trek to Granville Island, chances are the flowers you’re buying aren’t fresh or very affordable. My latest discovery for getting the best deal on fresh roses? COSTCO!

Caveat: Of course, you do need a Costco Membership to gain access to this vortex of a super market, but if you buy roses on the regular, I can guarantee the $50 annual fee will save you a lot in the long run. After steering away from the half-dead dozen roses at Nester’s for $19.99, I went to Costco and picked up two dozen roses for $21.99. Score!

There you have it: a few simple tips that will help you to enjoy your roses longer, in a better way, and for a cheaper price.

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