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Home-seller Mistakes: The Top Three Ways NOT to Sell Your Edmonton Loft


Lofts are some of the most sought-after types of real estate in Edmonton, and are also prominent in many of Canada’s trendiest cities. The historic origins of loft-style apartments, which commonly began with impoverished artists as residents, now offers trendy, eclectic, and unique spaces to live in; with additional openness, exposed concrete, and rustic details, the purchase appeal is massive. Though lofts have the potential for virtually selling themselves, homeowners often make critical mistakes during the sale that dampens the appeal of even the most salacious loft. Here are the top three mistakes to avoid, or the top three ways to NOT sell your loft in Edmonton.


Asking too Much: Overpricing your Loft


Though the uniqueness of many lofts will often bring in buyers who are willing to pay a premium to get a home that is unlike anyone else’s, it’s important to remember that homebuyers are very educated in today’s real estate industry. This means that, although you may have a beautiful, ‘one-of-a-kind’ loft, you need to be realistic in your asking price.


Lofts cater to a specific segment of the market, and should therefore be priced accurately in accordance with other lofts in the building or in the neighborhood. Make sure you have recent and comparable loft sales to support the price you’re asking for!


Clutter and Lack of Organization


Since lofts by nature tend to have a lack of defined spaces, and can often combine the kitchen, bedroom, and living area into one large space, it becomes increasingly important to add definition to the space through organization. A loft that is cluttered and disorganized can easily begin to resemble something like a messy dorm room.


Storage solutions are essential to ensuring that your loft shows well, and that the prospective buyers get the sense of tidiness and togetherness when they step inside your front door.


Furniture: Too Much or Too Little


For the same reason aforementioned, the furniture you have in your home and how you have it arranged becomes increasingly important when selling a loft. Because most homebuyers seek out lofts to attain a sense of openness, you want to ensure that your furniture isn’t taking away from this aspect of the home.


Having too much furniture can easily crowd the space and make it feel small, while having too little can make it feel sparse and uninviting. Also ensure that you pay special attention to how your furniture is arranged to emphasize organized areas and the functionality of a live/work space in the loft.


Whether it comes down to having your loft staged to achieve the sense of organization and functionality that might be needed, you’ll most certainly benefit from a good conversation with your Real Estate Agent. Ensure that you find out exactly what is happening in your market before listing your loft for sale, and do your due diligence to ensure you don’t make the first mistake of overpricing your home. As long as you do your research and organization, you should experience the benefits of selling a loft – and fast!

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