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Single Friends App – Version 1.0 Press Release


Dating has never been easier! We’re excited to launch our first version of Single Friends, a fun, user-friendly, and free app that will allow singles to begin reconnecting in a safe and comfortable environment with people they already know: their Facebook friends!


During the initial stages of designing our product, we looked at online dating sites and quickly realized the lack of excitement these sites offered, as well as how outdated they had become. With Single Friends, we’re setting out to change that; this initial release is first of many steps to achieving a dramatic change in the online dating world.


We’ve gotten feedback from users which we’ve addressed with version 1.0 of Single Friends, and which we’re certain the world of online daters will be ecstatic about.


1. Connecting with random strangers on the internet is awkward, potentially unsafe, and not something most people feel comfortable doing.


Single Friends optimizes your Facebook friends as possible candidates to your dating life, and makes it easy to reconnect with people you’ve already met. Since most Facebook users have many previously-established online connections, many of which could be compatible love matches, Single Friends simply opens the door to new opportunity in the dating world. Single Friends makes it easy to view who is single, filter based on your preset criteria, view compatibility, and initiate a relationship – all at your fingertips!


2. Most people have a natural fear of rejection and are unlikely to initiate a relationship unless they think their interest will be reciprocated.


Using the “Would u…?” feature of Single Friends, you can freely express your interest in your Facebook friends. Your responses are kept completely anonymous until your love interest reciprocates with a mutual “Yes” in response to you, at which point a “Match” is created and both parties are notified of the mutual interest.


3. How do you know whether you share interests or are compatible with a friend?


Single Friends uses a proprietary algorithm to analyze your likes on Facebook and compares them with a friend’s likes and interests. It also utilizes Astrology, Numerology and Life Path Compatibility to find you a love match. You can rank all your friends based on how compatible they are with you.



We’re looking forward to helping you connect with friends and hearing your feedback on our app. Stay tuned for more posts covering existing features and with details about upcoming features in version 1.1.


We’d also like to give a huge thanks to our fantastic beta testers who have given us the tough love that every app needs as it’s being created, which ultimately helped us deliver an excellent 1.0 version. Enjoy!

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