The best advice from my mom for Mother's Day with Fiore Skin Clinic promotion

My Momma Says

My mom has the best advice. I know, I know. It’s like we all think this about our moms, but honestly; I’ve even had friends seek out my mom for her advice in particular. My mom also has some pretty entertaining narratives to share from her modelling days in the 80s, which sometimes have their way of working their way into her pieces of gem-ly advice. But by far the best thing about my mom? Her complete and total transparency and willingness to share her life experiences. 

Since mother’s day is on the horizon, I thought it ultra-appropriate to share some of the best pieces of advice from my mom, along with a gift guide and special offering from Fiore Skin Clinic below, and I hope you benefit from them as much as I have!


The best advice from my mom for Mother's Day with Fiore Skin Clinic promotion

Of course when this advice started flowing during my adolescent relationships, I couldn’t fathom why I’d ever need to do such a thing. But quickly I realized how legitimate and important this piece of advice was. If you don’t draw your boundaries with men (and often colleagues, friends, and business relationships) you’ll quickly become a doormat. 


Even when you really, really want to get back at someone for something they’ve done to you, don’t. The bottom line is: vengeance just isn’t classy. And as wronged as you may have been by a friend or a boyfriend, you can’t sacrifice your own integrity because someone else has stooped to a low level of betrayal. My momma says vengeance isn’t the way. Take the high road.


The best advice from my mom for Mother's Day with Fiore Skin Clinic promotion

My mom has always, always encouraged me to travel. If not for her glamorous stories of traveling internationally while modelling, perhaps I never would have taken the leap to travel in Europe for six months, and perhaps I wouldn’t have accomplished a lifestyle where travel is such a high priority. Youth is for traveling, don’t pass it up!


My mom has always led by example in this category. My mom has so many strong friendships, it’s actually kind of baffling. A true social-butterfly at heart, my mom can spark up conversations and new friendships with virtually anyone, but she treasures her oldest friendships (one of which dates back to her childhood) more than anything. I’ve been blessed to have inherited (either by DNA or observation) this quality. Friendship, I do believe, is the most important thing in the world.

What’s the best advice your momma has given you? I know there’s plenty!

But listen up: Mother’s Day is around the corner and it’s time all of us treat our momma’s to something special on this annual occasion – to at least try to repay them for all of their worldly words of wisdom.

That’s why I’ve partnered with Fiore Skin Clinic on their amazing Mother’s Day Special.

Purchase your mom a $300 gift card to Fiore Skin Clinic to be used towards a variety of skincare treatments, from laser or chemical skin resurfacing to hair removal or IPL for just $200! You can rest-assured your momma will be in the best hands at Fiore; I’ve been going to them for sometime now and absolutely LOVED my results! 

Bonus? The first 20 people to purchase the gift card will receive an extra gift from ZO Skin Health, a product your mom is sure to love. Plus my readers get to take an addition 10% off your purchase with coupon code: ALEXA10.

Go here to get this amazing deal for your mama!


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