Milano on My Mind

On the train ride to Milano, coming from Zurich, I had but one thing on my mind: the extreme excitement of being back in Italy again.

I had been to Milano once before, on a single day excursion from my chosen solo vacation destination of Florence (which I looooved by the way, read about it here). I had the most incredible experience, and couldn’t wait to return to this city that quickly became my friend on my last visit.

One might not realize that they’ve arrived in Milan for quite some time as they meander closer to the inner circle of the city; but once they reach the beautiful entrance to the Galleria, one of the world’s oldest (and most beautiful) shopping malls, the truth will become clear. I felt the same amount of excitement as the Galeria came into view, and I remember it just the same as the last (and first) time.

Hello Milano!


As if the Galleria wasn’t enough beauty, another shocker comes when we reach the other side, the beautiful Milan Cathedral standing so tall and eloquently in the open, busy square.

We can only look up at the structure wondering “how did they do it?” while trying to avoid colliding with strangers. To get the full view, we walk back towards the opposite end of the square and turn towards the structure again, this time taking in all the beauty in its fullest. It seems that in modern times we’ve lost the passion and love to create such beautifully intricate buildings, even though we now have tools that would surely make the feat much easier.

Ancient Italians… they must have been passionate.


Wanderlust is such an amazing and intriguing state  – I think it’s safe to call it a state of being right? – in the way it keeps us travelers walking and exploring, regardless of the anguish in our feet.

I didn’t even notice the blisters on mine until we reached a fountain before the castle; when my sister suggested we throw a couple of coins in and make a wish, I took the opportunity to soak my feet. Ah, the cold water felt out of this world!

IMG_0346 IMG_0376 IMG_0371Castello_Sforzesco_Milan_Italy


I wish I could recall what I had wished for. But if I’m being honest, I was probably too caught up in the gratitude of the moment to think about anything in the future.

I had Milano on my mind.

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