Maison de Mode, Voila!

There’s something about stripes and pearls and two-toned ballerina flats that just gets me, every time. I envision myself sailing in the south of France, hair blowing, beautiful French words fluently slipping off my tongue.

Yes, it’s romantic, because it’s a wild, wild dream. But a cafe au lait in the Parisian soleil under the beau ciel would certainly suffice. For those of you who don’t know, I’ve been working on my French lately, one of my under-mastered attempts at making my wild dream come true, and it seems I’ve chosen a peculiarly coincidental time to do so: because a French-speaking fashion house just made it’s way to Vancouver!

As we proudly welcome La Maison Simons Vancouver, we say hello to a this boisterous fashion house that outfits virtually every woman with colors, prints, and the latest styles. A family business dating back to Quebec City in 1812, this fashion house has been around for over two centuries and yet us West Coast dwellers are just getting a taste of its labels now – but, c’est la vie! – and certainly better late than never.

I’m proud to announce that I’ll be hosting La Maison Simons’ grand opening on March 31st at Park Royal in West Vancouver, along with some of my favorite fashionable faces, including Meagan Faye of Living Boldly and Jill Lanksy of The August Diaries.

Be sure to come out and say bonjour to something a little more French – and a lot more fashionable – on the west coast.


Striped dress from La Maison Simons Vancouver

Striped dress Simons Vancouver simons-stripes-4 simons-stripes-5

In my striped top from La Maison Simons with coffee



With my coffee in my La Maison Simons outfit

simons-dress-2 simons-dress

la-maison-simons la-maison-simons-vancouver


Event Details:

Thursday, March 31st from 6-9pm
Simons at Park Royal

* Become a Simons rewards member here and be one of the first 500 to arrive and receive a virtual $50 gift card!

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