Love, Near and Far

It’s hard to believe my two months in London are already coming to an end. When I first arrived here it felt as if my time stretched endlessly before me, almost scaring me in its expansiveness. But as it always happens, my time to say goodbye is now just around the corner, and before I know it, I’ll be packing my suitcase yet again and heading for the airport. This time, there won’t be a teary goodbye to send me off; but there will be a few hearts I’ll be saddened to part with.

Building connections and creating new friendships is something surely everyone loves about travel. It’s almost as if, while travelling, you’re able to morph into your most fantastic version of yourself, suddenly attracting equally as awesome people into your surroundings and quickly calling them your friends. The friends you meet while travelling are ones you may or may not ever see again, but they’re ones you’ll never forget either, because they become an integral part of your adventure. They become the characters who make up some of the most important chapters of your life, some of the most adventure-filled parts of your story.

Tonight, after attending my last class at Central Saint Martin’s fashion journalism course, I am nothing but grateful. I feel a tinge of sorrow to be parting so soon, to have a bucket list item and a dream fulfilled, but I also feel all sorts of excited to be stepping into yet another adventure that awaits me.

To those I’ve met and connected with, you will never be forgotten.

And to those I’ve left behind and love so dearly, I could never thank you enough; thank you, especially, for showing me how much you love me – near and far.