A London Rebound

My time in London is almost officially over. Though I’m not sure I’ll ever return, I must say. I’ve had a fantastic experience here.

In one week’s time I’ll be headed to my new home, indefinitely: Budapest.

A lot of people have looked at me like I must be a crazy person (and even voiced this opinion verbally) in response to this, but the truth is, Budapest just works. Now that I’ve completed Fashion Journalism 101 here in London, it’s time for me to move on. Not just because of the poor weather (which has actually been quite good lately, though I hate to admit it now because I’m leaving), and not just because of the ‘coldness’ of the Londoners, but also because of the exorbitantly high prices. One can only get by for so long here on what you might call a “shoestring” budget.

I’m not here to trash – or rubbish – on London, either. The statistic are true: for every three girls, two will hate London and one will adore it and be in the process of planning her move to the city (the three girls are namely myself and my two girlfriends who are also visiting from other parts of the world). So there must be something here, and there certainly is. London is huge, it has many different areas to explore, all with different vibes, and it has a lot of rich history and plenty of beautiful buildings.

But what I’ve learned during my travels is that every city has their own personality. And London and I just seem to clash a little, though I certainly appreciate London’s tenacity, strength, and boldness. If London were a person, I think it would be a Taurus, and that is always a challenging match for a Leo.

So I’ve picked up a few things so that I can always remember London, and I feel very confident in saying that I’In all honesty, I’m not sure what Budapest will hold for me. I visited Budapest for a couple weeks almost two years ago exactly, and from what I can recall, I woke everyday to sunshine. That in itself is almost enough of a draw, but I certainly look forward to my own flat, plenty of food, a little exploration, a whole lot of work, and boundless savings. Bless Budapest, bless the Hungarian forint!

What I thought would be a story of London has somehow morphed into the first chapter in my novel of travels. Perhaps Budapest is my London rebound, but whatever the case may be, one thing is for sure.

My adventure has only just begun.