Taking photos on the Liberty Bridge Budapest


I had no idea this green bridge that connected Buda and Pest across the Danube would be come my life’s greatest happy place, nor the place I’d long to for months after departing.

During my residence in Budapest in 2014, I spent three months frequenting this bridge, getting to know each of its surfaces – particularly the bumpy part that would provide grips as I climbed atop and made comfort on its beams to watch sunset (almost daily). I grew to love this spot so much, and would equipped with a bottle of wine or a pack of cigarettes, my heart aching with longing each time I’d witness a couple in love, kissing on the bridge that normally assuaged me away from my loneliness.

I didn’t realize, either, that a little over two years later, I’d get to return to this bridge – not all by myself – but with someone very special, whom I’d get to share those same kisses with and who would, ultimately, catapult me into an even further understanding of the beauty of this piece of architecture.

I surely didn’t guess that, during the same trip back, I’d also get to share this sunset-watching spot with a new friend, over a conversation about life and love.

While tomorrow will be my final evening on the bridge for now, I realize that I’ve gained much more from this reunion with Budapest than I thought imaginable. Not only did I get to say hello to my old friend, the Liberty Bridge again, – oddly enough – I myself gained liberty from the self-restricting thoughts of my past, which now leaves my future wide, wide open.


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Special thanks to Balazs for the photo!


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