cuyana crossbody bag

Fewer, Better Things

Cuyana’s tagline is also my mantra as of late: fewer, better things.

This applies to your wardrobe, of course – ie. it’s time to get rid of your clothes from 2009 that may or may not have 100 moth holes by now – but it also applies to so many aspects of life. From the people we socialize with, to the things we buy, to the thoughts we allow in our heads. It works for everything!

Fewer, better friends. Fewer, better things. Fewer, better thoughts. Fewer, better desserts.

I’ve loved Cuyana ever since my friend/boss at the time showed up to our meeting with one of their totes (embossed with her initials in gold, how cute!) slung over her shoulder. It wasn’t until about a year later that I actually took the plunge and bought myself one, embossed with my own initials. It now accompanies me everywhere from the plane seat to my work studio and my adult sleepovers.

But, sometimes smaller does it. So I took to the beach with fewer, better things, including my small Cuyana crossbody bag, my camera, and some really great company.

cuyana crossbody bag img_5642daniel wellington bracelet img_5643 cuyana crossbody bag cuyana crossbody bag img_5651 cuyana crossbody bag daniel wellington watch daniel wellington watch and bracelet daniel wellington watch and bracelet


Crossbody bag: Cuyana
Watch/Bracelet: Daniel Wellington
Jacket: Evernew

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