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People often ask me what my favorite part about being an entrepreneur is, and when presented with this question, I always immediately know my answer:

It’s the ability to be myself – in every capacity of the word – every single day.

It could just be myself, and a few hundred thousand hand-selected others, but I’ve never found myself in a job. While maybe it’s just the rebel in me always encouraging me to go the route less traveled, I’ve never been able to swallow the concept of taking orders or holding what one would describe as a “real job.”

I suppose, then, my most honest answer is this: the best part of being an entrepreneur is having the ability to work hard, slack off, take off, or sleep in whenever I please. It’s the thrill of not knowing, the wonderful concept of that uncertain, anything-can-happen attitude that pervades my every day. It’s the feeling of taking an honest, optimistic gamble with my future, and letting every day unfold before me completely different than the last.

Entrepreneurship isn’t the easiest thing is the world, but often it feels like the very best. It’s a teetering balance between bankrupt and breakthrough, but I wouldn’t give it up for anything in the world.

It pushes you to be the best version of you every single day, to hustle like you never knew possible, and to build relationships with people, things, concepts, and sometimes even clothes, that are mutually-beneficial and simply just for the greater good.

That’s why I’m totally obsessed with my entrepreneurial BFF Marissa (owner of STIL Classics) and this is also the same reason we are mutually obsessed with Oak + Fort.

Watch our “day in the life of an entrepreneur” video below, and be sure to subscribe to my Youtube channel here.


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