Meditating with chakra affirmations and my Saje essential oils

Chakra Affirmations

Meditating is legit.

I used to think it was weird, and quite frankly, it took me years to figure out what the word even meant. When I was too amateur to get my mind to go blank, and just focus on my breathing, I utilized my “meditating” for daydreaming. It was better than nothing, I figured, and overtime I found it easier and easier to quiet the incessant chatter of my mind.

Now, I have to say, I’m pretty good. I like to focus on different areas of my body when meditating, as well as my chakras. And I’ve found a little tool that helps a lot: a Saje aromaBreeze nebulizer. It’s a little ritual now. I wake up, choose my favorite scent for the day, and let it fill my meditation area while I make my morning coffee and write in my five minute journal.

My morning meditation now goes a little something like this: I start with a scan of my 7 chakras, starting with the root chakra and moving upwards to the crown chakra. I spend a bit of time focusing on each chakra, during which I say to myself a little mantra I’ve made up to unblock each of these energy centres. You can tailor your own chakra affirmations based on your personal circumstances, goals, or challenges.

Meditating with Saje essential oils

  1. The Root Chakra: The root chakra is the first chakra located at the base of your spine. It relates to physical groundedness, your survival instincts, monetary or housing concerns, and pleasure or pain. Because I am self-employed and money is a constantly moving target, my first, root chakra affirmation is: “I am safe and secure. I will always have enough money for everything I need.”
  2. The Sacral Chakra: The sacral chakra is located under your naval, and is the second chakra. It relates to your creativity, inner child, innocence, and spontaneity. Because I value creativity highly and get to do creative work, my sacral chakra affirmation is: “I am creative. I am blessed to be creative every day.”
  3. The Solar Plexus Chakra: Located at, obviously, your solar plexus, the third chakra is connected to your inner parent, your self esteem, and your ego, and the way you handle criticism. If, when receiving criticism, you feel a stir in your solar plexus, you might want to focus on this energy centre more than the others. My solar plexus chakra affirmation is: “I am whole. I accept myself for who I am and carry myself with confidence.”
  4. The Heart Chakra: Located at your heart, of course, your heart chakra is the 4th chakra representing the color green, and related to matters of love, acceptance, openness, and compassion. Having recently gone through a big love loss I know my heart chakra is a bit out of whack, so my personal heart chakra affirmation right now is: “I am healing. I am open to giving and receiving pure, boundless love.”
  5. The Throat Chakra: Located at your throat, the throat chakra is the 5th chakra and is related to expression and truth. My throat chakra affirmation is: “I am well-spoken. I express myself clearly and openly.”
  6. The Third Eye Chakra: Located at the centre of your forehead, the third eye chakra relates to your wisdom, inner-knowingness, intuition, and intelligence. I’ve had plenty of experiences recently that have taught me the value of my intuition, so I pay special attention here. My third eye chakra affirmation is: “I am wise. My intuition never steers me wrong.”
  7. The Crown Chakra: The crown chakra is the final 7th chakra located at the top of your head, which connects you to “source” and represents inspiration and alignment with your truest path. I like to think I am protected and watched over, and I also believe that we are all connected. My crown chakra affirmation is: “I am connected. I am inspired and protected. I am in alignment with my truest self.”

Meditation with Saje Wellness

In the end, my chakra affirmations have been a wonderful way to start my day, setting me off on the best of all foots: I am safe, I am creative, I am whole, I am healing, I am well-spoken, I am wise, I am connected.

Thanks to Saje for the beautiful scents, products, and for making all of our lives more whole and amazing.

Bracelet by Keltie Leanne Designs.

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