Best sites of Budapest

Best Sites of Budapest

Heading to the eastern, but not too eastern, city of Budapest? Wondering what the best sites of Budapest are? Wonder no more!

After a luxurious stay with Kempinski Hotel (much recommended and a longer review to follow), I’ve got all the details of this amazing city at your disposal. Plus, I’ve got three months of Budapest residency under my travel belt to make sure I’m giving you all the right details.

Consider the following your Budapest travel guide, itinerary, or mere suggestions, and be sure to watch the video below.

I’d recommend you see theses, which I consider to be the best sites of Budapest:

Szechenyi Bathhouse/Heroes’ SquareHit two birds with one stone and stop by Heroes’ Square for some photos on your way to Szechenyi Bathhouse, where you’ll find a historical medicine bathhouse full of many different indoor and outdoor baths of different minerals and temperatures.

Liberty Bridge + Chain Bridge: These are my two favorite bridges in Budapest, though all of them are unique in their own right. I prefer Liberty Bridge for its sunset-watching capabilities – watch my video here – where you are more than welcome to bring a bottle of wine and dinner. Chain Bridge is more historic and has a cool urban myth/true story about the architect who committed suicide by jumping off of it when a little boy pointed out that, the bridge indeed was not flawless, given that the lions guarding each side don’t have tongues.

St. Stephen’s Basilica: You can’t miss this! I highly recommend getting a rose-shaped gelato from Gelarto Rosa or bottle/glass of wine from DiVino at the square and enjoying a view of St. Stephen’s Basilica. You can also climb to the top for arguably the best lookout view of the city, more details on that here.

Parliament House: The second largest parliament house in Europe, the Hungarian Parliament building offers a spectacular site, especially from across the Danube on the Buda side between Chain Bridge and Margaret Bridge. I wouldn’t recommend the inside tour (I found it long and boring), but rather an outside view from afar or up-close will be plenty.

Fisherman’s Bastion, Castle District: You can climb up a set of stairs relatively easy to discover the wonders of Fisherman’s Bastion, which lies just next to the Buda Castle in the Castle District hills. There’s a wonderful view of Budapest and the Parliament House from here as well.

Gozsdu Udvar: Up for some partying during your time in Budapest? Definitely spend a night or two at Goszdu Udvar in the Jewish Quarter, then. You’ll find a ton of ruin pubs, bars, and restaurants lining this quaint yet charming court. Szimpla is one of the most popular ruin bars, but you can find plenty more here.


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