Wearing Bench Canada and talking about chasing your dreams

Benching or Chasing Your Dreams

The other day I got to thinking about dreams; not necessarily just my dreams, but the essence of what makes a dream something that pervades our lives and our minds with a sense of unrelenting desire.

Desire is something I, like you, know well.

Desire isn’t always fun, though. I’m sure it’s necessary in order to motivate ourselves to act, to inspire ourselves to create, and to encourage ourselves to continue pressing forward even during the hardest of times. But desire can be painful.

Sitting in the grass wearing bench canada and a Sutie tie

Why? Because we always desire something we don’t have or something we lack. We all have desires (aka dreams) but because of the painfulness of having a dream or a desire so encompass your life and your time, many of us choose to keeps these dreams hidden. Hidden desires, I’ve learned over my 25 years, can be even more painful.

When you make the leap and choose to make your dreams/desires known to the world, you release that bottled up tension and pain – but the struggle doesn’t simply end there. Rarely will you experience immediate success, if any at all, and you now have another pain-point to address: vulnerability.

I can still recall with a keen vividness the feeling of dread that overwhelmed me as I hit “publish” on my very first ever blog post. My earliest pieces of writing were raw and emotional, coming from an authentically unguarded place, and it was terrifying for me to share this with the world – even if I later realized I had all but 7 readers. It was terrifying, and yet I knew instinctually it was exactly what I was supposed to do.

Mezzi bag in the grass

You may have experienced just this feeling, and perhaps you’ve let that terrifying feeling draw a wedge between your present and your future, becoming discouraged in taking action to bring your dreams into reality. Or perhaps you’ve become resolute in your decision to bench your dreams for now, mystifying yourself with thoughts that go something like “When this occurs, I’ll be happy.”

If I can offer just one piece of advice, it’s this: dreams don’t work unless you do. There’s no promotion, trip, guy, or sudden event that will catapult you into the stardom of your dreams. Instead there is just today. And the more you can manage to work on your dreams today, the closer you’ll be tomorrow. Before you even know it, you’ll have arrived.

Bench Canda shorts

It’s still not always easy to expose myself and my emotions so openly, but over the years I’ve developed a much thicker skin. I find it a joy to present myself authentically and without hesitations into the world, because without that I find misperceptions drawing a wedge between myself and those who support me. I’d rather risk public shame for the prize of being real than just perpetuate a pretentious facade of perfection. And, above all else, I’d rather chase my dreams and risk failure than live a life of “what ifs.”

Wearing Bench and Sutie in vancouver

I’m only hoping you choose to do the same, even if your desires are painful.

Keep chasing your dreams, my dear.


What I’m Wearing:

Top: Bench
Shorts: Bench
Tie: Sutie
Hat: The Latest Scoop
Bag: Mezzi





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