Beautiful Sunsets From Around the World

While traveling, we often discover interesting facts about ourselves, especially when it comes to traveling solo. Without any distraction except for the task of learning an entirely new city or country, you might too realize that your true enjoyments of life are found in the simplest things.

For me, my simple guilty pleasure is sunsets. Here are a handful of some beautiful sunsets from around the world.

Vancouver, Canada

While visiting my mother’s home which is located 40 minutes outside of Vancouver, we were graced by this incredibly beautiful and unexpected sunset as we sat on the porch one evening. The sky lit up like cotton candy on fire, and before we knew it, each one of us was standing to take many photos, staring up at the sky in awe.

sunset_vancouver_love_alexa vancouver_sunset_clouds vancouver_sunset_clouds_amazing

And then, just a couple of nights later, we were surprised by yet another pink sunset from my friend’s downtown balcony, which has an intriguingly intimate view of BC Place.


Monaco, France

This sunset as seen from Monaco Bay in the south of France wasn’t quite as colourful as some of the others, but it was so serene, quiet, and lovely, that I just had to include it!



Barcelona, Spain

On one special evening in Barcelona, my sister and I enjoyed a rooftop beverage at our hotel, only to be dawn by some pretty blues, a settled yellow on the horizon, wispy clouds, and – finally – an array of balloons floating up to the heavens.


Rome, Italy

This Roman sunset was a little more difficult to capture, because of the buildings that hid most of it, but its amazing pink and purple glow matched perfectly with the coloured architecture, offering the perfect display of sky art to enjoy on an evening walk.rome_italy_sunsetrome_italy_sunset

Thessaloniki, Greece

As one of my last 2014 solo vacations, the sunsets in Thessaloniki made me ache for my home of Vancouver – I realized that the combination of sea, sunset, and mountains was something I’d missed dearly.



Prague, Czech Republic

The sunset in Prague offered the same sort of mystical and demure presence as the city itself, acting as the perfect backdrop to enjoy the beautiful sights as I made my way towards Prague Castle. Casting reflections of the city’s beautiful medieval architecture off the Vltava River, this sunset was just about as serene and calm as they come.



Budapest, Hungary

Watching sunsets was actually one of my most avid pastimes during my three months in Budapest. I caught so many amazing displays of sun and clouds, always gasping as the sun disappeared behind the Liberty Statue atop Gellert Hill. And then there was always this time, right after sunset, when the lights of Budapest would come aglow, the sky still light enough to see the beautiful shapes of the city, but dim enough to offer an intimate experience of the same.


No clouds in the sky on my final night in Budapest, so the bright June sun disappeared by its lonesome behind Gellert Hill.


Upon returning to my home in Budapest after my Greece trip, I made it to my favourite spot – the Liberty Bridge – just in time to catch the most beautiful sunset of my life.


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    Hello Alexa,
    You have taken some beautiful photos of the sunset and you surely will take many more while travelling the world.

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