Rebrand to Sutie with silk ties

A New Beginning

My brand started with a collection of unlabeled garments to Sutie Skirts to now just Sutie, all in the blink of an eye. Or so it seems.

Wearing my silk choker Sutie tie

So, why a rebrand?

Initially, I knew I wanted to create a really incredible product that would make women feel both beautiful and unique. Something they could wear for the most memorable occasions of their lives; their first dance under the Eiffel Tower, their bridal shower, their graduation ceremony.

I decided to focus on my favorite piece I’d created abroad: a mid-calf length skirt with a bow enclosure at the back. After making several prototypes and playing with different fabrics, one thing became very obvious to me. I wanted to do something luxurious, so I decided to focus on silk fabrics.

It has been a crazy ride undergoing this creative, often vulnerable process; at times, it’s been elating, and at other times, it’s been panic-inducing or just downright disappointing.

But, creativity isn’t something you can really keep caged for long, and before I knew it, I was back at my sewing table, creating once again.

Remaining true to our core values and standards of quality, our Sutie ties – which now inspire the future of our brand – are made from 100% silk fabrics sourced from Montreal, Quebec, and are still being produced in a fair-trade environment in Vancouver, BC.

Champagne for rebrand to Sutie with silk neck ties

Why ties?

I didn’t think of this product specifically when I called the brand “Sutie.” Sometimes, it seems, the most meant-to-be things present themselves as mere coincidences; in Italy, they know this phenomenon as “combinazione.” (Which I’d urge you to read more about here.)

Initially, the tie was intended to be a simple “add-on” accessory to a set I was designing, but I couldn’t help but notice the overwhelming feedback I received when I wore this tie with a blouse and jeans, out and about. People noticed the tie. People loved the tie. And people wanted the tie.

So I thought: why don’t I produce the tie?

After a few adjustments to the design, specifically adding length to allow the tie to be worn in 6+ ways, the ties are now being created and are almost ready to be shipped out. You can pre-order your tie now right here!

Silk neck bow tie by Sutie

What are the 6+ ways?

1) You can wear this tie as a choker, tying it in a bow at the back of your neck.
2) You can tie it in a bow at the front of your neck for a feminine pop.
3) Our personal favorite, you can wrap it around your neck once, and let the ends dangle over your shirt or blouse.
4) A subtle variation to our favorite, you can wrap it around once towards the back of your neck, and then tie it in the front for a shorter, more eye-catching look.
5) You can wear it tied in the front with the ends long + draped.
6) You can wear it in your hair; headband, ribbon to your ponytail.
+) We trust your creativity will discover many, many more ways to utilize your Sutie tie.

I have to offer my sincerest thanks to those who have stuck by my side during this journey. It’s been the most incredible of my life thus far, and I couldn’t be more in-awe at the realization that there’s still so much learning and growth ahead of me.

Take a peek at our Sutie rebrand.

I’d like to thank my dear friends for helping with the content necessary to undergo this rebrand. Special thanks to Ally of Allyfotografy for the photography + videography, and lots of love to Emily of The Lipstick Fever for providing your photogenic skills in NYC.

What I’m Wearing:

Top: EverNew Canada
Tie: Sutie
Bracelet: Keltie Leanne Designs

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