Beauty Life

Face of Fall

October 21, 2016
skincare for fall

Fall has arrived, the sun has retreated behind the ever persisted layer of clouds, and the rain is back to its usual presence. But just because the leaves are falling off doesn’t mean your skin has to take a turn for the worse. Can we talk about seasonal skincare changes, for just a second? Though it might seem like the last on your list of to-do’s, I’ve personally discovered the tremendous benefits of paying a little extra attention to your…

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Made in Canada

October 6, 2016
Le chateau jacket in Gastown

If I had to describe my favorite style, it would be business casual. And, yes, the “casual” part of this term often includes wearing running shoes, though I do prefer to dress myself at least partially “up” with something business-oriented like this incredible coat I recently got my hands on. I’ve been chatting with the folks of Le Chateau about their latest grand opening of their newest location in British Columbia’s new retail destination, Tsawwassen Mills. Said to attract shoppers from…

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West Side

September 30, 2016

I’ve been living in the West End for just over a year now, a stone’s throw from English Bay, and when I first moved into the area, I knew what I’d be gaining by the Yaletown shift: endless sunsets. I’m a huge sucker for sunsets, especially those with some crisp fall air like I experienced the other night. I got to throw on my new cozy outerwear and beanie from Bench Canada, too, which is just one more benefit of…

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About to Fall

September 22, 2016
Wearing Evernew in Vancouver Chinatown

It’s always a scary feeling when you’re about to fall.  When you’re about to fall in love, when you’re about to fall out of a window, and when summer is about to “fall” into Autumn. Falling is something that, as it turns out, can be just as beneficial as it is potentially life-threatening. Sometimes you have to fall in order to realize your strength in rising again, and often you have to fall in love to realize how wonderful life can be.…

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Entre You Ship

September 21, 2016

People often ask me what my favorite part about being an entrepreneur is, and when presented with this question, I always immediately know my answer: It’s the ability to be myself – in every capacity of the word – every single day. It could just be myself, and a few hundred thousand hand-selected others, but I’ve never found myself in a job. While maybe it’s just the rebel in me always encouraging me to go the route less traveled, I’ve…

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Follow Me to Versailles

September 8, 2016
Follow me through Versailles

Versailles Palace in Paris, or rather just outside of Paris, is certainly a site that’s either on your bucketlist or something that’s been proudly ticked off already. As it should be! We took a trip to Versailles Palace one day in Paris and could hardly believe all of the beautiful sites. My favorite part was the Hall of Mirrors, aside from the brief but amazing nap we took in the grass of one of the gardens. Here are some of…

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Travel Video With Alexa

24 Hours in Paris

September 7, 2016
24 Hours in Paris Palais-Royal

Paris is a city, a huge city, where you could easily spend the rest of your life and not get bored. But, that’s not always a luxury bestowed on international travellers, and thus, I decided to figure out what to do – and what to see – with just 24 hours in Paris. This may seem like a failure waiting to happen, and for a moment I thought perhaps I’d just stroll aimlessly, but then Michela of Hotel Adele et Jules…

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Travel Video

Europe 2016

September 6, 2016
Amsterdam wearing Vici dolls

3.5 weeks, 4 countries, and a whole lot of love.  August was a great month, and I’m pretty stoked to have had the chance to tick off both Amsterdam and the Greek Islands from my to-travel list. I learned a lot about my (most up-to-date) self, especially during the last week of the trip that I spent alone in Budapest and Paris, but mostly I think I realized that (a) I’m older now and (b) things are different, in the…

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Travel With Alexa

Eat + Sleep Budapest

August 31, 2016
Parliament building in Budapest

In addition to the best sites of Budapest, which you can read about in this blog post, you might also be wondering about where to eat and sleep. Wonder no more, I’ve got the best places for you below. Sleep: Kempinski Budapest  The moment we checked into the Kempinski Hotel, I knew this experience in Budapest was going to be unlike all the others. The modern lobby and friendly, swift welcome made way to a spacious, upscale room that looked…

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Travel Video

Best Sites of Budapest

August 31, 2016
Best sites of Budapest

Heading to the eastern, but not too eastern, city of Budapest? Wondering what the best sites of Budapest are? Wonder no more! After a luxurious stay with Kempinski Hotel (much recommended and a longer review to follow), I’ve got all the details of this amazing city at your disposal. Plus, I’ve got three months of Budapest residency under my travel belt to make sure I’m giving you all the right details. Consider the following your Budapest travel guide, itinerary, or…

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